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Secret Love Letter to My Friends

Two days ago I slept at a friend’s house because we gathered some of the gang to be productive together and to try help our friend with her final graduation project. We ate pizza, bought candy, laughed, drew and brainstormed crazy ideas. Then the night did that magic stuff when we all want to know more about each other and to tell more about us and we just sat asking strange questions and some intimate stuff  to each other lol (SECRET TIME!) (actually this is the time I feel like an alien because I’m a very romantically boring person oh well).

Anyway, at some point we talked about dreams and about being frustrated with life and about feeling happy after a long bad time (some of us at least because college can suck big time). And in that moment, in that little room in the middle of the night, with friends sharing feelings and toughts, I cried a little. Just enough so no one noticed. In that moment I loved them all deeply, I felt very connected to them, I felt very happy to have those utterly nice souls as friends, and I felt so so proud for who they are and who they are becoming. I had missed seeing them frequently (because most of us graduated some months ago) and talking again like that made me feel at home and warm inside.

Later that night (actually 6AM because yeah we are bad influence and ignored our friend had classes in the morning) we lay in the sofa, trying to find a way to sleep in so little space, and it was still dark and we were all comfy and quoting one of my friends “we looked so stupidly cute”. I agree. In that time I renovated my love for my friends, for humans and relationships and all our soul-bonding and soul-searching and how we need each other in this journey. (It’s a nice place to be till the shitstorm of life catch up again)

And I need to say that for a long time when I was younger (even some years ago) I felt so so distant from everyone and it makes me relieved and somewhat safe to know now I can feel close to some friends. My family is where I grew and where I came to be, but my friends are the ones who push me to be better and to believe more in myself and in life. (I wish we could still spend lots of time together T^T)


So yeah. I guess this is a little secret love letter to them and to humans and their hopeful friendly souls. I hope we can all thrive and be better. I hope we can all keep those amazing friends close.


And you? When was the last time you spent the night talking with friends?

Feel free to share your love and the little moments that make you fall more and more for them. I would love to hear about it.

(Oh! Story time kids! One day at the beginning of college, some months after we met, me and my friends went out and I drank a little bit too much and cried listening to Crocodile Rock because I felt so happy in that moment with all of them and I knew I would miss that in the future (I call that antecipated nostalgia). Guess what? I’m missing it. Damn)

(Also sorry for the Fox and the Hound)

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