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Books, Hot Chocolate and Feeling Down

Yesterday I said to my father that I was a bit tired about using my mind and thinking and all that and he, to my total horror and disbelief, said I should stop reading then. *gasps* Right? Monstruous.

I had to explain to him that reading is actually my way of relaxing. I’m just tired of thinking about the future and all the technical problems of living. DON’T PUT MY BOOKS IN THE MIDDLE. (my precious)

Also it seems this week is a week of feeling down again so here I am spending all my day on bed drinking hot chocolate and reading (and trying to find a new series to watch). It’s cold so it’s a perfect weather for this.

Sometimes you really need to give yourself time to get back on tracks and to heal. I hope I can jump back to feeling ok soon.

And you? What you do when you’re feeling down?


(I actually went out only to buy chocolate for the hot chocolate so I guess this is an accomplishment? Kinda?)

8 thoughts on “Books, Hot Chocolate and Feeling Down”

    1. Hey! I have been thinking about watching some Korean drama! hahaha Boys Over Flowers was my first one so I love it too! I never rewatched though, it may be a good idea! Thank you for the suggestion! :3

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  1. I hope everything’s okay. To be frank, I still haven’t figured out how to make myself feel better. But it definitely helps not to be around people. I think I just like being alone in times like these. Whether it’s drawing, painting, reading, or writing…I like to spend time with nothing but myself and preferably rain smacking the roof of my house. Maybe even a few lit candles, and I find that I’m well on my way to recovery if I care enough to do all of that.

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    1. Things are better today! Thank you for the concern. I honestly have been struggling with ways to deal with bad days for years now, but lately it’s getting easier! The worst part used to be all the thoughts about feeling like I should be doing something productive, but this year I have been paying attention to not let these thoughts take over and instead giving me time when I need. And I also like to spend time with myself! It certainly helps! (and sometimes I appeal to comfort foods too) 🙂

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  2. Don’t worry even dark times as these shall pass. As for your question: I cry and sleep a lot xD and I break stuff if I’m down and angry at the same time! Well, it kinda helps.

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  3. we all need some time to get back on track, whatever pleases us we should do it – this I am a firm believer. especially if its curled up in a cosy bed with a warm drink and a book. sounds heavenly! I hope you are already feeling better after writing this!

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