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Monday Secret

I’m going to reveal a secret! Kinda of. It’s important for me and I’m sweating about putting it out in the world. It’s also a BOOK thing:

I’m actually writing a novel (I guess it’s a novel)

It’s a story idea I have been tipping around for about a year now and I thought that writing it somewhere, revealing it to someone else other than my best friend, would help bring some ‘reality’ to it. Maybe help me be more productive? I don’t know, the mind have strange ways of being motivated.

So here I am! Scared like a litte turtle drowning in peanut butter.

I’m scared because like most things in my life, I have some doubts about accomplishing this. Because I have a hard time getting to the end of projects. Because I obviously think I don’t have the skills and will never have, and that I lack some deep motivational engine.

I’m also in doubt because I’m always telling myself I should be doing something else instead of writing. (Like trying to get my ‘career path’ back on tracks. LIKE GETTING A JOB)

But I’m still here, still trying, still pushing forward. I like to believe that if I try hard enough I will thrive. I know it’s not how things work(dear college taught me well) but it gives me some determination.

So I hope I can keep going, and maybe finish this novel someday! It will be hardwork, but for now I’m having fun.

giphy (42)

And you? Do you have some project you are really invested in but fears the prospective of failure? What are your biggest fears about it?

And good week you all!!

5 thoughts on “Monday Secret”

  1. It’s not a challenge and not an opportunity to grow if there’s no risk involved. Yes, college taught you well :’D but at least you realise what it taught you and at least you still believe in something! The thing is, what could you possibly lose? The whole process of writing the novel must mean something to you otherwise you wouldn’t stick to it. There’s value in what you do, despite of the opinion of others.

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    1. Right? I still am a bit afraid of risks and the opinion of others, but I’m doing what feels fulfilling right now. So yay!! I’m just doing and trying even if I have no idea where I am going. As you said, nothing to lose.
      And thank you for your words! *3*

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