Today is bad day

I don’t even know how to say this, and I can’t understand how fast things went from good to very bad, but one of my dogs got really sick some days ago and ended up dying today.

He was the youngest and in some ways the mascot of our family. His name was Bolinha, meaning Little Ball in portuguese because he was like a little fuzzy ball.

I guess the pain is very bad right now because everything happened very fast and till last night we still were very sure he would get better. We are all at loss here, we are all mourning.

It’s not the first time I lose a dog but it never happened this way, and never after seeing them being born and growing and becoming adorable and full of  little quirks. He was the one who made us laugh the most and the most calm and funny dog.

Death is a very draining happening to the ones left behind and the bad thing is that we never get used to it. There’s no way of getting used to it even if it’s part of life.

I can’t stop crying right now but I hope with time I can get used to not seeing him around with his adorable barks. I will never forget, though, and I’m happy that he was part of my life. And god, let me be prepared because I have another two dogs who are getting old.

Also, I don’t have a very good photo of him but I feel like sharing anyway. So here he his, all cute with his bowtie:

20170315_204110 (3)

Dear Bolinha, we will miss you.

Be happy peeing all over wherever you are

I love you.

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