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Movie recommendation day

Sometimes, when I’m feeling really down, I need to watch one of my comfort movies. I really don’t know how they make it to the list, because they usually are very different and very few. So it’s a mistery probably related to some deep and specific emotion they have. The most recent ones include Pride and Prejudice, Mulan and then Hunt for the Wilderpeople, this last one which I only discovered some months ago and can’t recommend enough. It was also my movie choice for this bad week.

giphy (45)

I will not talk much about it because I think the first time you watch a movie you need the ‘surprise’ experience, but it’s basically about an orphan boy who is being adopted into a family that lives in the middle of nowhere and who are very funny and strange. The story is all about the relationship between them and how they deal and cope with things.

giphy (44)

My favorite thing about it is that even though sometimes things get ‘serious’ it’s normally approached in a very comic way and ends getting very funny. I guess this is why it really makes me happy. It’s like a positive view to bad things.

So if you want some wild, strange and funny film, full of emotions and meaning and adventure, please watch this. I don’t know how there’s not more people talking about it.

And if you do end up watching, please tell me what are your feelings about it!

Also feel free to share your comfort films because I really need to find some new ones.

giphy (43)

Have a good week guys!

(it also makes me remember of some Wes Anderson films, mainly Moonrise Kingdom!)


3 thoughts on “Movie recommendation day”

  1. All right, English post, English comment (stretch hands).

    Okay, I’m curious about this movie now, and since the Brazilian Portuguese name is suuper precise (not being sarcastic here, not at all), and the Wes Anderson vibes are all over the place, I’ll try to watch it!
    By the way, Bia, you made a pretty cool and different list with your comfort movies! When I’m in need of something like that, I gravitate towards funny movies. Like extremelly funny movies, the ones that make you laugh like there’s no tomorrow, no matter how many times you watch’em!
    It’s a shame they are so rare nowadays. Movies like the “Hot Shots!” or “The Naked Gun” series are masterpieces with their silly and yet smart humour, even now, 30 years later. Or I could just sit back and watch “Pineapple Express” or any Danny McBride movie for that matter 😛

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    1. Hey, Igor!
      It really is rare to find good funny movies nowadays. I am already picky with the comedy genre and then they make everything harder by doing some very bad movies.
      I’ve never watched ‘Hot Shots!’ though and since you say it is a masterpiece, I guess I will give it a shot(no pun intended lol). The smart humour is my favorite kind of funny and it is always good to laugh and forget about everything else.
      (also I really need some kind of course about comedy movies because I have very little knowledge about them)

      Thank you for the comment! TvT

      And yes, my comfort movies list is kinda strange/different. It normally has more movies that make me cry than ones that make me laugh so…? What are you doing my-mind?

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      1. Yep, one of the biggest shames of this century. We need to laugh hard and shed tears of joy in a movie more often – and regular tears too, as my dramas… they never let me go :~

        Yay! When you give a shot at “Hot Shots!” (I see what you did there), look for the original audio and/or English subs: there are a ton o jokes that were cut in the translation *-*

        Hmmm, comedy course?
        (clears throat, prepare the wisest, oldest voice possible, Morgan Freeman style)
        Welcome to Comedy 101, my dear. You may even get a certificate at the end of the course 😉

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