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Big Mess

Yesterday I had a talk with an aunt and at some point she asked me about quotes that I liked or found inspiring. I have lots of them. I love the idea of using the wise words of someone else to actually seem smart. I mean, imagine you’re in the middle of a discussion about ice cream and are losing it but then -BAM-, you quote Darwin and obviously win the argument. Awesome. (I wish my memory would help me remember more quotes tho)

Anyway, I ended up giving her some of my favorite quotes but forgot one that I find really important and which always speaks to me (I don’t know if this is a good thing):

What people somehow forgot to mention when we were children was that we need to make messes in order to find out who we are and why we are here.

– Anne Lamott

I love Anne Lamott because she has such a good sense of…living? I love people who seem to have tackled the art of living. This quote helped me when my life was a complete mess and well, it made me remember that it’s actually okay to make a BIG MESS right now. We are searching, we are trying and hopefully we will arrive somewhere.

Now I want everything to look like I picked up my five year old self and gave her some very cool paint, all colors of the rainbow and said “GO ON LITTLE BIRD, FREE YOUR INNER DEMON“. Or something like this.


So yeah, let there be mess, meaning: I should not be so afraid of trying new things and taking new paths, or taking the wrong path and only discovering it after four years. (wait, no, I still don’t like this mess)

And as Isaac Newton would say

Infinites, when considered absolutely without any restriction or limitation, are neither equal nor unequal, nor have any certain proportion one to another, and therefore, the principle that all infinites are equal is a precarious one.

Oh, wait, no. I think this is not it.

Anyway, which are your favorite quotes? Are there any that you keep remembering?
And what do you think about messes?


3 thoughts on “Big Mess”

    1. Anne Lamott is awesome! The book I read is actually more about writing(Bird by Bird) but half of it is like a ‘Life 101’ lesson. And she has such a good sense of humour. I recommend if you like this kind of book!

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