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Highest ideal of earthly bliss

Another recommendation! Sorry but I really like talking about things I love!
So… I have been wanting to read Anne of Green Gables for some time now. It’s a classic and it seems a nice story and there’re good reviews of it. Of course, though, as the other 230 books in my TBR list, it remains unread in the deep oceans of oblivion.
So It was a thrilling surprise to see three days ago the release of the Netflix adaptation (Anne with an E)! I knew it was being produced but I had no idea when it was going to come out.

The visuals are amazing and all the combination of orphan girl + wilderness feeling made me decide to watch the first episode as soon as I had time. What a good choice. I ended up binging the entire series this weekend.
Anne is a superb character! I fell so so in love with her. She is smart and witty and excited about life. Her use of ‘big words’ and quotes of Jane Eyre made my heart happy and her dramatic way of expressing herself got me smiling and smiling and feeling like a creepy woman. The actress did such a good job.

anne 2
Of course the Cuthbert brothers are equally special. Matthew is a sweet precious piece of man whose silent and shy ways find balance in the talkative Anne. Marilla, serious and harsh at the beginning, is soon taken with Anne and their relationship develops into a beautiful and sweet thing. Actually, the overall character development is very good.


And the thing is: the story is a common one. It’s about an orphan girl being adopted and learning/living the joys and sorrows of a family and finding love. But it’s so special and full of good feelings. You can say it’s a different kind of adventure.
I’m glad this exists! It inspired me in many ways.


I wouldn’t know if this is a good adaptation and I have read some reviews saying it is a bit disappointing because it’s much darker than the original, but I loved it and find it a very uplifting show.

And since the series left the ending open for a second season, I’m thinking about getting the book for my next read. Anyone recommend it? Have you ever read it? And if you watched the show, what are your thoughts on it?

And I don’t know which I like more. If her usage of the phrase “this is my highest ideal of earthly bliss” or how she uses scrumptious all the time.

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