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Five things that scare me

1. Dolls. I always loved dolls. During daylight and only if I were together with other people. When it came night I always had to hide them outside my view, otherwise I would be certain they were watching me and planning bad things. To this day I still cover my old plushies eyes with clothes before getting to bed. I feel safer this way lol

2. Pictures and Paintings with depth and paths and shadows. The ones that really gives me shivers are the ones where there is a dark dark forest and a path in the middle of it disappearing into shadows. It feels so obvious and sure that someone or something will come walking from the forest and off the painting/picture. So those are a big no for me.

I’m pretty sure a creepy little kid using a black scary mask is hiding behind one of the trees. Just you wait.


3. Strong and unexpected sounds. Literally because I always think that or someone is dying or that it’s the end of the world coming.

4. Deserted beaches. More specifically, the sea in it. There’s no people and the water always seems darker and I think some carnivorous sea-monster will grab my feet  and drag me to the depths of death. Whewgh. When I was little being alone in a pool caused the same effect. I believed strange monsters would come out of the pool’s light bulbs.

5. Songs or little tunes slowing down and becoming extremely creepy. A dear friend of mine have this old wind-up doll that sings this classic tune and then it starts to slow down and slow down AND I LITTERALY STARTED CRYING THE FIRST TIME BECAUSE WE WERE OBVIOUSLY GOING TO GET KILLED. So yeah, this one is like two of my fears together.

I realized just how hard it’s to choose only five things that scare me. There are so much more like open doors at night AND WAIT

EXTRA: MIRRORS. THOSE LITTLE HORRIBLE ONES. I refuse, absolutely refuse, to sleep near one. They are already creepy during day but at night, when the only thing you can see reflected are shadows, they just become awful. I don’t know how I forgot about this one. I could actually write a dissertation about my fear of it.

But anyway…*nervous laughter*, which things scare you the most? Can you relate to any of my fears? I mean, you all hate mirrors at night right? haha. ha.

And I also made something for you guys. It’s already giving me nightmares so I hope you like it!! :’D

I couldn’t find any good examples of songs slowing down so here, I made one! And a cute doll to accompany it!



3 thoughts on “Five things that scare me”

  1. Having watched the video with the lights on and three cats beside me – you may call it safety measures – I gotta say it was disturbing as hell. And now I can’t forget that doll .-.

    Actually, I have some kind of reccuring nightmare with a painting just like that. Just. Like. That. Now that you made me think about it while awake, Bia, I think I’ll try to write about it later, since I’ll hardly sleep tonight :´)

    Well, aside the fear of open sea, really crowded places, heights and centipedes, I’m a super brave guy, like the fusion of John McLane, Neo and Rambo, you know? But keep the mirrors away at night, please.

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    1. I’m so sorry! Hahahahaha
      To be fair, I had to spend an entire hour looking at the doll and replaying it, so you can say it was not so bad. And do write about the nightmare!
      And oh well, I shall call you Fearless and Furious then, for such bravery

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Then Fearless and Furious shall be my name (•_•) / ( •_•)>⌐■-■ / (⌐■_■)

        Wait a second, Bia: you endured that creepy doll for an entire hour? Wow! I bow before you, my lady *-*

        Hah, the last time I sat down to write about a nightmare (or strange dream), it turned out into a several pages text; guess I’ll try doing that a second time ^^

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