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Life life life

There are little moments in life, in a day, that you just can’t let pass.

I call them happiness and they are perfect in their imperfection and full of life and meaning and ‘being’.

It’s as if you are feeling the universe and everything is so right and you feel so so grateful for it all. It’s like breathing existence, dancing to life and just smiling and smiling because you feel whole.

I don’t know how they appear. Sometimes they come and go as fast as a blink, sometimes they keep around for a day.
What I know is that they are my favorite moments and I just want to be together with loved ones when it happens so I can share my happiness with them, pour it all over them too.

I feel like laughing and crying and singing and running.
So I do it all, because I don’t know when it’s going to come back again.
I also write it down, so I can go back on the bad days and realize that there are perfection and beauty in just being.

So here it is, I wanted to share the happiness I’m having in this moment. I hope it can last the entire day, but I’m already grateful it appeared even if for just a few minutes.

And I’m leaving here a piece of one of my favorite poems and one who speaks for me when I’m like this: The Startling Reality of Things, by Fernando Pessoa

The startling reality of things
Is my discovery every single day
Everything is what it is,
And it’s hard to explain to anyone how much this delights me
And suffices me.

To be whole, it is enough simply to exist.

I hope you are all having an awesome day, an awesome week an awesome life.

I hope you can all see the beauty in your existences.

(what I have been listening to: Horse to Water – Tall Heights)
(the header image is from the awesome Victo Ngai)

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