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Travels and beauty

Almost a year ago I traveled with my father to the – Serras Gauchas-(south of Brazil) and it was one of the best experiences I have ever had. I was very stressed at the time and in need of new horizons and it was so so recharging. I felt very excited to go new places, live new experiences and see so much beauty. If there’s one thing I love above anything else is Nature and in this travel I felt very close to it. Mountains and roads in the middle of nothing, sun and blue sky and the cold weather of winter.


I really wanted to stop the time there and live it for more than only a few days. At the end I rushed to write my feelings about everything, so I could remember it whenever I needed. Since then whenever I remember this travel my soul smiles and I can feel again the sun in my face: so warm, so full of life.
It’s kinda of strange to share these words with other people, since they are very personal, but here it is:

I see my life and it is a beautiful road, going and going, curving around mountains and running on plain ground. It’s cold and it’s warm and I love the fog as much as the clear sky, blue above eternity. I could spend my life watching those trees running around me, imagining who lives or who lived in the old wood houses at the forest limits.
It’s all it’s all and I want to run barefooted, and laugh and dance under stars. I want to lose my breath everytime I look around, everytime I remember I too am Nature. I too belong in this beauty, like a flower, like a bird, like a horse running through green. I want to be, too. Be more. Be all.
And I could spend my life feeding only on this beauty of everything, because it makes me full, it makes me whole, it makes my heart go fast and fill with wanting. Wanting for more. It smells home, feels home and on a spiritual level is home. When I close my eyes I can feel the earth in my face and my bones singing in the same language as the trees, as the wind.
I live, I ran, I see. I see beauty in everything, and it’s all, it’s all.

Sometimes I have a hard time putting what I’m feeling into words, and sometimes it just comes to me. This one has a piece of my soul in it, and I read it from time to time to remember what I want my soul to feel while living. To remind me of the beauty of everything.


Travels can be entertaining, fun, relaxing but in some special occasions it can also somehow change us. This was one of those times and it’s now part of who I am. (I also believe that if not for this travel to put my mind back on tracks I would have not graduated last year)

And you guys? Have you ever went on a travel that meant everything to you? Which travel made you feel the happiest, the more close to your soul? I would love to know!

3 thoughts on “Travels and beauty”

  1. I must thank you, Bia. Those were the most beautiful words that I’ve read in a very long time. Somehow, when I’m reading these feelings of yours, I can almost feel the cold breeze, see the same star- filled sky that you saw and owned while you were there. Damn, I’ve got no words to describe how amazing reading you have become!

    “When I close my eyes I can feel the earth in my face and my bones singing in the same language as the trees, as the wind.
    I live, I ran, I see. I see beauty in everything, and it’s all, it’s all.”

    May I keep those words, dear lady? I promise to take care of them.

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    1. Thank you very much!! It’s a bit strange to share these words but all is good I guess.
      And it would be an honor, sir. But do take good care of them, they might bite if not given the certain amount of light and soul.

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