Life, The Wanderer

Action and Reaction?

You cannot let the negative energies get to you.
It is a hard thing to do, but it’s a training.

So yesterday I went to a coffee shop to get out of the house a bit and write and draw. The sun was shining, the weather was nice, the birds were chirping under the blue sky. Everything was okay… till I realized the two waitresses of the coffee shop were talking and making fun of me, as if I had done something wrong. Really, it was so minimal and so stupid and they made a point to talk right beside me. I stopped for a second trying to understand and *sighs*

giphy (40)
How I was first internally feeling lol

Then I pretended not to hear and spent some minutes thinking about what to do. I could go to them and talk back to them, I could be stupid too, I could be sarcastic. Instead I finished drinking my cappuccino, I got up, cleaned my table, thanked them very much and went my way. (and actually found another place to write and draw and spend my money on)
Don’t get me wrong, I just left a reclamation at their site and social media explaining the situation and will probably never again go there (which is sad because it was one of the best places), but I made a point to not respond to their negative energies.

Some people, like my mother, would think how this was a disrespect and how you cannot let other people walk over you. I too believe in this, but I believe more in staying within myself and my good energy. I guess.

I have been thinking if I should indeed have talked back, if doing so would change something. I don’t know. Maybe it is a belief of mentality/spiritual superiority? Like a bit of arrogance, for feeling like I was better than them for not taking their comments to heart? And maybe not talking back made them believe they were superior and maybe they will do it again with another customer? What actions should we take in this kind of situation? What will be a better response? What will help?
Geez, I literally have no idea about this. But it is a learning. You need to try and see what happens.

The only thing I know is that I ended up feeling very happy while talking to other nice people that afternoon and I smiled and whistled a song and almost danced while going home. My soul felt okay and I were able to communicate happily and spend the day with a good energy, so I guess this is a good thing?

Maybe this is one situation when an action actually doesn’t need to have a reaction, or at least not a reaction with the same force and intention? Maybe this way negative cycles can be broken.

Well, tell me what you guys think? What you believe is the right action to take in this kind of situation? Is it hard to just ignore people when they are being mean and disrespectful? I know there are times when my blood boils and I can’t let go, but I’m trying to ignore some of those bad energies.


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