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Banana Pancakes

It’s cold today, I’m sleepy because I haven’t been sleeping well lately (blame my creativity for being nocturnal) and I will probably spend the next two days hibernating (ha, I actually have work to do but dreams, let me dream)

So I will just share this little song today because it is very peaceful and relaxing and it reminds me of sunny days and listening to it takes me to a life where I lie in the sun for all eternity near a beautiful garden while someone plays an ukulele for me.

I also just ate banana pancakes so, yeah. They were delicious. And warm, and they fit inside my arms but then why would I put them inside my arms like, it would be a mess because they also had some fruits and yogurt and well… (I’m just feeling stupid now)

No, no, what are you talking about? Rain? Other people? I already said to ignore the lyrics. It’s obviously not raining, please.

(let’s talk about how some songs have this perfect melody and then the lyrics are nothing like what you feel when listening to it and well, life)

(You can skip if you are in the mood for something more upbeat and cool I will not blame you don’t worry all evil can be forgiving, I guess)


And now I shall sleep work


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