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Surprise surprise!

It’s birthday day today! My birthday! Yay!
I love the idea of having an entire day to commemorate. It’s like having a motive to gather the people you love and eat a lot. Good.
(I actually went out yesterday with my friends to commemorate too – we ate laaaaamen, warm and biig laaamen- so double birthday and I still need to go out with my father then it will be triple birthday. All the food.)


But anyway, here we are. 22. Damn.

I will probably go somewhere the next days and someone will ask my age and I will answer 19 BECAUSE YOU SEE I’M LOST IN TIME. It happens frequently.

Birthdays are also a good reminder of the passing of time. 22. 22 years of living, having fun, studying(A LOT), doubting existence, conquering distant galaxies, taking control of the Underworld and loving bunnies. Awesome.

But I will be honest: I’m not in the place I wished to be(are we ever?). I feel a bit ungrateful when I say this but I must. There’s a million things I haven’t done (but just you wait), things I actually thought or promissed myself I would have finished by now. It’s a bit upsetting and I can’t help but feel like I’m missing something, like I’m being left behind, like this means I actually will never arrive anywhere. DEAR ME OF THE FUTURE (44 to double the age) I HOPE YOU SEE THIS AND YOU PAT MY HEAD AND SAY(SCREAM): “DON’T WORRY CHILD, YOU WILL ACCOMPLISH GREAT THINGS”.

But yeah. I do have this belief that someone can try and never arrive anywhere, what is scary as hell. I also believe that you need to try anyway because otherwise you will certainly stay at the same place. So even though I’m faaar from the place I wished I would be at 22, I will try my best to be closer to the me I wish to be at 23.

And you know, we are used to overlook some accomplishments because they don’t feel big enough. Well, to hell with that. I’m actually very proud of some of my accomplishments. I need to remember myself to acknowledge those little things more. How I was able to open more to my friends, how I danced -in public- and had lots of fun without worrying about what others would think and how I graduated despite all the problems(this one is actually a big one lol).

So you might not be where you wished you would, but you are still somewhere ahead and that’s already enough for now. EYES AHEAD.

So well, YEAH, I will actually stop right here because my mind is all over the place right now because I had too much sugar tonight ha

giphy (70)


Do you guys like birthdays? Do you also make promises to yourselves like “when I’m 23 I will be lord of all the Strange Realms and queen of the Little People”? Do you have ways of keeping track of your accomplishments? What little things did you do the past year that you are proud of?


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