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Wants and Fears

These past days took its toll on me.

If you ask me what I have been doing, I wouldn’t know how to answer.
I just feel like I watched centuries and centuries pass by while I  looked from a distance, tired and quiet. Stagnant.

Not a good place to be. When you spend too much time thinking and doing nothing meaningful you just lose sense of what really matters.
Hopefully, I’m getting back on tracks. *sighs* It’s good to write again.


What I want to share today is a very simple ‘question’. But context first.

One of my favorite writers is Maggie Stiefvater. Not just because I love her writing but because of who she is: awesome, fearless, bold, authentic, funny. She really connects to her readers.

Her new novel is coming out this october and she shared some excerpts of it where the characters are introduced, and they all kind of answer two questions: what they want and what they fear. She did a giveaway and to enter people had to answer the same questions.

Here is an example she shared (yes, one of the characters is called Beatriz too!):


So I did one(six it’s actually very addicting) myself and will share with you guys, but you need to answer it too in the comments! (hey, it’s an exchange, don’t leave me hanging!)

It’s very simple but it makes you think and wonder and above all it makes you be true to yourself by admitting those things.

So here it goes:

Here is a thing Beatriz wanted: to find the right path for her life and to dance through it.
Here is a thing she feared: having to make her own path but doesn’t having the strength or ability to do so.

Here is a thing she wanted: babies laughter as a cure for everything. 
Here is a thing she feared: kids singing choir songs in a slow tune.

Here is a thing she wanted: to express herself and pour her soul into her creations.
Here is a thing she feared: dying with herself and all creations locked inside.

You see, you can do one in a serious way and then say ‘ha, here’s one more about something random so you can then ignore the serious part’ and no one will realize.

Give it a try!

I hope you guys are having a good week!
See you around



2 thoughts on “Wants and Fears”

    1. It is! And thank you very much for sharing yours!
      And I bet you’re doing an awesome job with your son!
      I’m not a mother but I can see this fear reflected in my own mom.
      I also fear leaving her, because with her I always feel secure, but I guess we all need to find our own independences.

      Liked by 1 person

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