Life, Tea Time

Tea and Sun

I believe it’s important to appreciate the little things that make us happy. They are the little treasures in life, the hidden happiness.

For me, one of the things that always give me a sense of tranquility, of inner peace, is the combination of tea, sun and the silent sound of rustling leaves.
It gives me a sense of warmth and comfort that can ease any worry.
I can finally breathe and feel grateful and the stillness of those moments gives me a sense of wholeness.
So today is perfect. I’m feeling so so calm watching the sun and the clouds and drinking a hot cup of tea.

Can only be described as delightful.


So what do you guys consider to be a hidden happiness? A little treasure in the middle of hurried days?


5 thoughts on “Tea and Sun”

  1. My morning cup of coffee is always a source of happiness to me. The smell of coffee just calms me down and for the time that I’m drinking it I feel it easy to focus on just being in the present 🙂☕

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    1. Tea has the same effect on me!
      It’s so good, right?
      You said it perfectly: being in the present!
      Thank you very much for your thoughts! 😉
      And may you always have your morning cup of coffee!

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