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Pondering (too much)

Sorry for keeping quiet lately. I just find that if I don’t have nothing to say, then I must say nothing. And if I say nothing then that actually means I’m not living enough. And it’s true. I’m still feeling a bit zoned out and anxious and am still trying to get better, so my days have been a mass of hurried hours and self-indulgence. It’s a process to get away from it, annoying but necessary.

I hope next month can be more productive (I can’t believe it’s almost July).

But hush, I shall not be so hard on me. Taking this time for myself has actually been helping me to discover things and learn more about what I want for my life, how I want my relationship to work/earning money to be and how can I achieve it all. And I have some answers but also many questions, but it’s okay. I just need to find a way of doing more instead of thinking and pondering so much (the eternal struggle).


(I also have been taking care of my health, learning how to digital painting and doing some freelance work, so I guess not everything is lost)

I just wish inspiration and motivation could be something you decide to have.
But as my alarm tells me everyday at 00h00 in a fail attempt to get me to sleep

WE ARE MADE OUT OF HABITS. (yes, it’s in caps lock, no, I never listen to it)
So I guess I just need to keep trying and creating new and better habits, and then maybe the inspiration and motivation will appear more often.

And you? What have you been doing? How are you? Which habits would you like to have? Do you have some secret wisdom to share?

And I hope you are all having a good week



2 thoughts on “Pondering (too much)”

  1. Breaking habits and forming new ones is hard! I’ve spent the last 18 months working on this and I have felt the difference! Baby steps is the way for me, if I try to change too much in one go I get overwhelmed and fall back on old ways. Inspiration is all around you, taking time for yourself and really taking in your surroundings will help. Good luck x

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    1. Whenever I try to form a new habit I always realize some weeks after that at some point I just gave up without even realizing. But I know it will make all the difference so I keep trying. (I guess I do forget to begin with baby steps so that’s a thing for me pay attention to!)
      And I will try to look more around me, find the beauty in everything!
      Thank you very much for your words!
      Have a good week 😉

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