Tea Time, The Wanderer

Coffee Shop Girl

This is going to be a fast post, because I just want to share one thing, another of my little happinesses: little coffee shops and their cappuccinos.
This is one of my favorite ‘self-dates’, when I just take time for myself to do something I like.

Maybe is the smell, or the mood of the place or the beautiful decoration, I don’t know. I just feel happy when I see a cute coffee shop. It’s even a bit crazy because when I find a new place I spend a long time looking around, smiling and going “oooh, aaah, omg this place is awesome” like some kind of maniac.


And a secret for you: one of my “plans B” for life is owning a coffee shop/tea house HAHA. Obviously, ideally, everything is nice and amazing but I know how hard it is to keep a place like that. Anyway, let me dream.

I believe the only other thing that would win more over my heart are tea houses, but there are so few in my city, and they are all very far from where I live so well.

But yeah, I just wanted to share this because I went to a coffee shop today and the waitress said to me at one point: “Your eyes are shinning haha”. YES THEY WERE. I can’t keep my happiness and satisfaction inside.

So, there are any places you really like going? Where do you like to take yourself on self-dates? What kind of place make your eyes shine?

2 thoughts on “Coffee Shop Girl”

  1. I’m addicted to coffee and there’s nothing like coffee to calm me down when I’m stressed. I have this little routine of always drinking my coffee when doing my morning pages first thing every day. I love little hipster coffee shops with funky and cosy furniture, rock/indie music playing in the background and people immersed in their writing, reading or interesting conversations ☕

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