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One song and a promise

Here is another song! This one was delightfully discovered on my Discover Weekly on Spotify. How I love a good folk.

Hope you enjoy and I promise I will be writing more in the coming weeks. Things have been a bit crazy lately but I’m slowly grounding myself again. I may have found a path for me, or the beginning of one, and I feel like I can finally breathe and embrace it. (WHEW)

Because of this I’m actually trying to plan new things and to learn more about how I can give it my all. How can I accomplish the things I wish for? How can I conquer all of the universe and beyond? What a journey. But I think I will have it figured out by next week so then I can stick to a routine again. (Though I think conquering the universe will take maybe two weeks, you know, all the spaceships maintenance and we are also having some problems with a few wormholes. Not easy, not easy)

I hope you are having a good week! (and give me a call if you are in need of a good planet to build your empire, you know)

See you around!

3 thoughts on “One song and a promise”

  1. “Oh these memories, they keep on following
    The Devil, he’s a rambling man”

    OK, that’s a beatiful song, Bia! This little hidden gem is the ultimate proof that the best thing on Spotify is Discover Weekly *-*

    Hey lady, even though I really miss your more frequent writings, the universe domination business is a tough one, take your time. And, if you ever need an intern, remember me! I have some experience with underworld overlords and a few space pirates, aaand, my coffee got a few prizes back in the day (secret family recipe, shh) 🙂

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    1. Ha! You don’t need to worry, already put you on my notebook of “People I may contact for future domination purposes”. Sadly everyone needs to go through a selection process and I need to say that it is a dangerous endeavour. No mystery as why there’s so many one-eyed people around here. But I guess it is cool (and I may consider the difficulty of the process depending on the quality of the coffee)
      And thanks for the comment! Good seeing you around

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      1. Wow, really? I just saw a flickering glimpse of hope *-*
        Very well, bring it on, boss, I mean, Bia: hit me with your best shot (couldn’t resist, I’m listening the song right now). In the worst case scenario, I’ll rock a badass eye-patch later, but it will be worth it!

        Hey, I’m always around here! And that sounded creepy as hell :~


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