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Trees and Being

I have been very self-indulgent lately. I started going to The Coffee Shop every Monday, after physiotherapy, because it’s on my way back home. Then I started going on Fridays too, because lately the weather is so good I can’t ignore it. But then today is Wednesday and yup, I went again.

It has become a place that makes me so at peace and so calm and happy. Whole. And I make a point to always write or plan something when I’m there so it feels like I’m actually moving somewhere and not just sitting around. (I will start going to work there too just you wait, they have lots of plugs).
The thing is, there is nature and tranquility and sun. Everything that inspires me to just be. I can forget every bad feeling I have been having and just breathe and smell life. I look at the trees and can’t stop thinking how beautiful it all is. (I CRIED LOOKING AT THE SKY BECAUSE IT’S SO PERFECT! THE HARMONY BETWEEN THE GREEN OF LEAVES AND THE BLUE BLUE SKY.)


Also lately I have been thinking how I would like to be a tree, and maybe this is just my soul being nice to me for feeling stuck like “look, that tree is beautiful and amazing and it’s in the same place for years and will die there”. Welp. I think I like trees and nature so much because they never doubt anything. I mean, they don’t think about their existence, they don’t feel sad about living or dying or anything. They just ARE. And that is so so inspiring.

But I guess that this also means that they can’t appreciate their own beauty, that they can’t be happy for life? They can’t dance around. Wait, omg. THEY CAN’T DANCE AROUND. Omg, this is enough, I do not want to be a tree anymore. I still love you bunch though. A lot.

Love like at the beginning of the year I went to our family beach house and at some point I just really wanted to hug a tree. But it was raining and raining for days so instead I drew a little me hugging one, to appease my soul. I normally don’t share these silly drawings, but here, it is pretty much how I feel all the time:Tree Hug

So yeah, today was very healing and very inspiring. It made me a bit more hopeful and just ok with everything and I decided I shall now learn with the trees about grounding myself and being without worries. Only then I will go back to the human world. I’m ready, Master.

It’s strange how we create some strange bonds with plants and animals. Do you also ever look around and think about how much you have to learn with nature, or how much it is all very inspiring?

I hope you all have an awesome week, and don’t forget to give your love to trees. Like, you don’t even need to hug, you can start just patting it. They will appreciate,

I now shall descend? Ascend? I’m not sure where is the tree realm, but see you around!




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