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Marvelous September


I wish it were all just because of motivation and of feeling blessed but in truth I just recovered from a bad case of food poisoning and I’m SO glad it is over. MY LORD. I think I have never got this sick and feeling ok again is just marvelous.
(It makes me think about how fragile our bodies are and how some people have to deal with bad health all their lifes :C)

At least now I feel like my body renewed itself and I was finally able to fix my sleep schedule and even if at the beginning I got very stressed because I had work to do but everything kept spinning, at the end I was able to give myself time to just get better.


So yeah, no post about meaningful talks today, sorry. I had literally no mind to write anything since some of the meds I had to take made me very, VERY, sleepy.

What I do want to say is… HAPPY SEPTEMBER! WEE!  We are finally here and I’m so happy because september is my favorite month. I had completely forgotten about it till yesterday, when the weather was hot enough to make me turn the fan on and I took an afternoon nap filled with those wonderful noises that already bring the promise of summer.

I suspect that it has something to do with leaving the winter behind and welcoming the hot weather, I’m not sure, but for some reason every year, when it comes September, my heart jumps with joy. It makes me feel at peace, calm, happy and I remember all the good memories with sunny days in my life: sleeping at the couch when I was six and waking with sun on my face, playing sports with friends back in middle school, spending time between classes talking in the school stairs in a very clear day. Picnic days and traveling to amazing places. AH, WHAT A GREAT THING! It leaves me excited to make new and awesome memories!


September also is the beginning of the end, and we all know that suddenly will be Christmas and no one will know what happened to November and everyone will agree that October never existed. And I particularly love the end of the year. So yay!

All in all, I can say it was a great week even if I spent most of the days feeling sick and I hope we can all have a great month full of great memories! (And no more food poisonings please)

Now we shall dance!

So what about you guys? What do you think about September? I believe some people are actually preparing themselves for winter, not for summer, so it probably has a different feel to it?

Good weekend!



17 thoughts on “Marvelous September”

  1. Haha well since I live in the UK September definitely means that winter is coming #gameofthrones:D I have mixed feelings about it. I’m very sad to leave the summer behind because it’s my favourite season and I hate cold and dark autumn and winter months. However, I’m also finally starting my studies which is a wee bit exciting (although super terrifying). So all in all, not sure about September haha x

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    1. Oh yeah, after thinking about it I realized that to some people September means exactly the opposite! Hahaha But starting your studies seems awesome! Good luck on this journey! 😉

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  2. So glad you’re better! Yes, for me September is sad, because it marks the descent into the cold, seemingly never ending Canadian winter. It’s still a pretty time of year though, with the leaves starting to change colour, and the weather is usually mild until at least October.

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    1. Thank you! Ah, this is sad :C The winter here is not even that bad and one month is enough for me to want it to be over. But it is still pretty, yes, I secretly like how all humans look like little puffy birds in winter hahahaha

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    1. Yes, it was my first experience with it and I will pray to never have it again! And I can understand you! I love autumn too (but for some reason it doesn’t excite me as much). So then, I hope you have a marvelous autumn!

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  3. Oh interesting! This is the second blog post I’ve read talking about going into Spring/Summer rather than where I’m heading – Autumn. I’m pretty indifferent to September and I feel mean for saying that. I’m sorry, September. I like me a bit of November, personally. I loved the paragraph where you talk about how the months fly by!

    Sorry to hear you’ve been so ill but I’m super happy you’ve returned with your fun to read posts! Not that it’s fun to read you’ve been ill… you know what I’m saying! 😛

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    1. Don’t worry, September is so cool that it forgives you! And sometimes I completely forget that seasons are different depending on the hemisphere meh (it worries me when I think about moving somewhere where the weather is too different). November is…cool, I guess. I think I actually have a difficult relationship with it hahahaha

      And thank you! I’m super glad that I’m better whew.
      I hope I can write more )o)

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  4. “September also is the beginning of the end, and we all know that suddenly will be Christmas and no one will know what happened to November and everyone will agree that October never existed. And I particularly love the end of the year. So yay!”
    Poor October :´(
    Anyway, have an awesome September, wise lady! (:

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  5. I’m so glad you’re feeling a bit better! 🙂 September has such a different feel for me, as I’m heading into autumn and too soon, winter… I would much, much rather switch places with you and have summer time all over again! 🙂 Have a lovely month! xx

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    1. Thank you very much, Marie!
      Hahahaha, it’s very strange to think that if I ever go somewhere else, September will probably have a different feel. T^T
      But hey! Autumn can be awesome too! I mean, hot tea/chocolate/coffee, a good book and cold weather seems good for me.
      Hope you also have a lovely month! 😉

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