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Jazz and mind

Sometimes, when I'm struggling with something, having some doubts or feeling anxious, I go back and read things I wrote weeks, months, years before. Yesterday I was having one of those days and decided to read one of the notebooks I usually pour my ideas and feelings into. I found this: -- From time to… Continue reading Jazz and mind

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Surprise surprise!

It's birthday day today! My birthday! Yay! I love the idea of having an entire day to commemorate. It's like having a motive to gather the people you love and eat a lot. Good. (I actually went out yesterday with my friends to commemorate too - we ate laaaaamen, warm and biig laaamen- so double… Continue reading Surprise surprise!

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Secret Love Letter to My Friends

Two days ago I slept at a friend’s house because we gathered some of the gang to be productive together and to try help our friend with her final graduation project. We ate pizza, bought candy, laughed, drew and brainstormed crazy ideas. Then the night did that magic stuff when we all want to know… Continue reading Secret Love Letter to My Friends